Music Camp JULY 12-14, 2016

It’s that time of year!Music Camp 2016 is just around the corner for kids entering 1st-6th grade

What is Music Camp? 
Music Camp is a 3-day camp that revolves around music, learning, making friends, having fun, and glorifying God. Open to all children entering 1st- 6th grade. No Experience Necessary. For More information about music camp follow the link. Why music camp?

When: July 12-14 // 9 am- 1 pm


What can you except to learn at Music Camp?

At Christ Church School of Fine Arts, we are passionate about redeeming the arts for the Glory of God. We believe this applies to all ages! We also believe God has given us a desire and love for music and art to better use our abilities to glorify Him, and at Music Camp we provide an opportunity for kids to learn about almost every instrument and the fundamentals of music. It is often during camp that kids find an instrument they want to study that instills an early love of music that lasts a lifetime! We will be teaching through group classes how to play guitar, piano, strings, percussion… the list goes on! We provide the instruments and no experience is necessary. Each group will have the opportunity for recording teaching time in our studio, participate in great art lessons from our Graphic Arts Minister, and even play some fun games! Lunch and snacks are provided. Register before June 15 and receive a Free T-Shirt.

Music Camp Highlights

Registration for Summer Semester 2016 is now open!!

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Spring Semester Recital May 14, 2016

 Just 3 more weeks of Lessons and then we have our spring recitals on May 14th.

Recital 1 9:30am-11:30am

Recital 2 12:00pm-2:00pm

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Our Teacher's

Amy Hulteen (piano/voice)
Beth Henderson (piano)
Bill Tiemann (voice)
Christina Blaine (piano)
Daniel Vann (children’s art, group)

Josh Vigneulle (guitar/band format)

Josh Higbee (guitar/songwriting)

Lucy Woodward (piano/strings)
Mike McGuire (drums– private only)
Ray Brown (adult watercolor, group)
Viktor Dulgeurov (violin)

We also have instructors available for lessons for brass instruments.